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2POOD for Beginners

So, you’ve been at CrossFit a few months, are starting to see some real gains and are thinking you want more…  Congrats on a great decision first and foremost.  The “CrossFit lifestyle” is the beginning of a change to be healthier, more physically impressive, more mentally tough and hopefully a ton of fun challenges ahead.

Then occurs to you, the badasses in my box aren’t wearing the same clothes or using the same gear as the stuff I bought from the local sporting goods shop or Walmart.  They all seem to be wearing some brand that you have never heard of and it looks a little different.  Well, they are totally shredding the WODs, aren’t carrying around 2 lbs of sweat with them and look cooler than the guys that look like they stepped out of high school gym class – so maybe its time to get with the program and start to really be part of the community.

That’s where 2POOD comes in – and the reason 2POOD was created.  Everything about CrossFit is unique.  The WODs, the terminology, the nutrition, the dedication and the results … and naturally the gear designed by the OGs of the CrossFit community is no exception.  2POOD was created at a time when there was no dedicated gym products to serve CrossFitters.

After googling around and finding, if the first thing you’re thinking is “What does 2POOD mean” then perhaps you are not quite ready to make the plunge.  Its kind of like showing up for your first day of golf with the same gear the PGA pros use and then shooting a 135 on the front nine.  If you have never hear of a 2POOD kettlebell, then that probably means you have never swung one.  Not that it is a prerequesite, but it would be a better idea not to show up completely geared up until you are ready to be all in.  When you are ready, we will be here with arms wide open to get you dressed for success.

But for those of you that have seen the top CrossFit Games athletes wearing 2POOD gear in competition, starting with Rich Froning in 2010 Prebok (i.e., before the Games mandated which clothing you had to wear) or on the podiums of every regional event or even on the USAW or Olympic platforms with that distinctive weightlifting belt that some of the world’s strongest people wear – let’s get started on the basics:

2POOD is world renound for three things: WOD Shorts, Lifting belts and that 2POOD style swagger.  In fact, 2POOD was pretty much the first guys ever in the dedicated WOD Short space, and since we invented the genre, then its safe to say that 8+ years of designing and perfecting has led to a very functional product.  The belts line started in development in 2012 and has become so rock solid that in 2017, the USA Weightlifting Team adopted 2POOD as its official lifting belt… and make no mistake, an Olympic team does not adopt a product unless it is superior.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 5.53.38 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-02 at 5.58.58 PMOn the style side we take camoflauge to the next level, our patterns are art-work and we love fun designs that are going to bring a positive vibe to those that wear it.  Design is serious business at 2POOD and we spend enormous time designing and put out more products in one month than almost anyone else does in an entire year.

The shorts come in several models, each with a specific set of attributes.  Here is a cliff’s notes version to find what is right for you:

Lifestyles Series Shorts – meant to be as good as an elite pair of Lululemon shorts with no expense spared, appropriate for wearing to the gym and wearing in a casual setting (yes, these are classy enough to wear out for style).  These tend to be the most plain of our designs.

v.3.0 Series Shorts – these are the classic WOD short.  Very spacious and very functional.  Often featured in bold designs.
v.3.5 Series Shorts – the newest model in our line, these are shorter than the others described here but have plenty of leg room.
v.4.0 Series Shorts – modern European cut, these look and feel sleek and hug the body just right.
Joggers – its like a futuristic sweatpant, sleek, snug fitting but are so comfortable you will want to wear them to the gym and everywhere else.

– pretty much the only decision you have to make here, other than what colorway makes you happiest, is straight (4″ USAW compliant) belt, which is great for oly lifting; or metcon training belt (tapered back), which is great for wearing during the WOD.  The name of the game with belts is core compression with an added side effect of back support.  Our belts have been tested and abused in the harshest conditions for maximum durability while still retaining the lightweight – easy on-off – that our athletes demand.So there you pretty much have it.  2POOD is not for everyone, but it might just be for you.  Give us a look at and and thanks for visiting!

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