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Pro Tip: How to Fine Tune 2POOD® Belt Sizing

Regardless of what kind of car you drive, or even if you have a car, when you are in the gym or box you want to be more like a Ferrari or Formula-1 supercar than a minivan or boring four-door.  Just like you have to use the best, most-specialized parts for one of these finely tuned beasts, you need your equipment to fit you just right.  This is a quick-tip on how to get an even better fit out of your 2POOD® belt equipped with the WODclamp®.

2POOD® belts are frequently equipped with the WODclamp® on the buckle.  The clamp serves many purposes, first and foremost it gives the lifter a method to achieve an extremely solid hold on a belt for a one-rep effort where security is paramount.  It also helps your velcro last longer because it takes some of the strain of the hold off of the velcro, which by its very nature is a temporarily effective textile.

However, the WODclamp® should not always be used.  For example, if you are in a WOD, we do not recommend taking the time to thread the webbing through the clamp because speed is important and you need to get your belt on and off in a flash.

Further, if you find that your belt is just a shade too big, but not so big that you think you need one size smaller, then here is a pro-tip!  Move the WODclamp® so that it is right next to the roller on the buckle and thread the webbing around the inside of the WODclamp® like it is the roller itself.  That gives the webbing an additional 0.75″ to travel, which means that belt that was just a little too big now fits perfectly.

We commonly hear of a guy who is a size 33/34 waist that is pretty skinny is a little too big for a size Small and a little too small for a size Medium.  Try this trick to use the WODclamp® and you will find that a size Medium is now JUST RIGHT!

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