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Why you should consider a 2POOD belt?

While out on the road at a CrossFit® Games regional or USAW events, we sometimes get asked “aren’t all belts the same” or “what makes your belt so special.”  Our answer usually lasts as long as the person is willing to stand there and listen, but here is a condensed version:

(1)  It’s the official lifting belt of USA Weightlifting.  An endorsement by the United States top olympic weightlifting authority does not come easily.  As you would expect, just about every company with a lifting belt would love to have this type of endorsement, but they only gave it out to one company … that’s right, yours truly!

(2)  It’s the belt chosen by some of the world’s top lifters.  So, okay, the belt has a nice pedigree.  Well, put yourself into the shoes of athletes competing on the world stage to qualify for Olympic Games.  They care about one thing … PERFORMANCE.  Recently C.J. Cummings, that guy you have seen crushing lifts on YouTube and every social media platform, recently hit a WORLD-RECORD 407# Clean & Jerk in the 2POOD belt and won 1st place at the World Championships.  Add to that another podium winner at the same event wore the 2POOD belt and one of the hardest lifting ladies in the sport, Mattie Rogers, exclusively LIFTS2POOD.  I’m guessing these guys have lifted in many different belts during their careers, but when it matters most, these guys are putting on a 2POOD belt!    Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.23.20 PM

(3)  The belt worn by elite CrossFit® athletes for the over four years.  If we listed every fire breathing regionals and Games-level athlete that relies on the 2POOD belt for their training needs, you would need to hit page down about five times before reaching the witty conclusion to this article so I will just name a few: Sam Dancer, Nick Urankar, Sam Briggs, Lindsay Valenzuela, Nathan Bramblett, EZ Muhammad, Marcus Filly … (should we keep going?) … okay you already see them everyday on our IG account, but suffice it to say that if these guys/gals are wearing our belt, and giving us continuous feedback about how to make it the most rock solid item on the market.  That’s a lot of lessons learned, which equals design improvements.  We listen to our athletes and our customers, and most of all, we train in the belt everyday so that we can deliver the best.  Here’s a concrete example, this feedback led to us adding the WODclamp® feature!

(4) 2POOD style is the coolest.  We think through every design and create things that most people haven’t even dreamt of yet.  We do sharp, badass and sometimes even a little loud but we don’t do boring!  From camo to flags to geometry to floral to motivational phrases, we create thoughtful, stunning designs that are supposed to look as awesome as they perform.  When you drop the bar after a PR and look down at your belt, you can take pride that you are wearing something that reflects the community and is as much of a unicorn as you are.

(5) 2POOD has your back.  2POOD is a small business.  We genuinely love the CrossFit® and USAW communities and we have an obsession for badassery.  That means we want to make the coolest looking, best performing, feature-packed, most elite belts that you can get your hands on at a price that is reasonable so that when you step into the box, arena or the platform you will have the mental and physical edge that will help you do your best.  Further, we stand behind our items and will support you down the road if and when you need us.  We have been around since 2009, and one of the oldest brands in the CrossFit® community for a good reason.

So, I guess the short answer to “When is a belt not just a belt …” is “WHEN ITS A 2POOD BELT”!  #LIFT2POOD

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.29.45 PM


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