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WODclamp: Who, what, when, where, why

WODclamp: Everything you need to know

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So, you heard that we have this thing called a WODclamp, and that its really cool…but what is it?


What is it?  We added an option for a ridged slider bar on our buckles that allows the webbing to be thread around the WODclamp and the aluminum buckle roller.  Certain 2POOD belts are equipped with this added feature.

What is the purpose?  Many of us in the functional fitness community like to use a weight belt for added support while exercising fast.  Core stability is important to keep good form and increase our efficiency of motion.  However, in scenarios where speed is not the purpose, the focus becomes firm stable support under maximum loads.  In these cases, the WODclamp adds an incredible amount of security to the hold of the belt and makes it highly unlikely that the belt will fail due to overtightening.  In short, it is a stop gap measure to ensure that the belt stays exactly as tight as how you set it.

Why is it called the WODclamp?  The purpose of the device is to pinch down on the webbing to secure it like a vice-grips so it seemed fitting … plus we thought it sounds awesome and we own the company so we get to make up cool names like WODclamp.

Do I need it?  Probably, we never want to sell you something that you don’t need but just about everyone that is into functional fitness will benefit from it.  The WODclamp adds one more option to your weightlifting belt that makes your equipment more versatile and more capable.  Most people do not want to carry multiple belts and this upgrade may prolong the life of your belt.

Where can I get a belt with a WODclamp?  Check out our current designs featuring the WODclamp at under the belt heading.  Each belt with this option states it in the product title.



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