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Guide to Buying CrossFit Gear for Newbie and Experts Alike

The CrossFit related gear world is a universe onto its own.  Just like the fitness regimen, gear designed for CrossFit athletes by CrossFit athletes is unique, functional and special.

NEWBIE (i.e., first 6 months doing CrossFit):

So, you are in the honeymoon phase, sore as heck all the time and starting to see some results.  You’re still rocking that Under Armor you got last Christmas and you finally figured out that those gloves with the cutoff fingers are only for doing curls in your basement.

First, I would focus on the essentials:  Belt, knee sleeves and wrist wraps.  Skip the generic ones on Amazon and just get something that you are going to still like in a month.


INTERMEDIATE (i.e., stuff is getting harder, your PRs are more respectable and you are definitely addicted to that post-WOD rush):

Now is when things get fun.  You have been officially indoctrinated into the fitness counter-culture.  Hitting the machines at the globo-gym just seems funny now and you now possess the super power of a ton of unbroken pull-ups.  This is the time to make your move!

Time to start fitting in with the beasts at the box:  start assembling your CrossFit related t-shirt collection, which is best if its a mix of some kick ass brands such as Rogue, 2POOD and Project-X and some Box shirts from drop-in experiences.  Grab your first pair of 2POOD shorts – probably start with some camo that is not too loud but is obviously not from Dick’s or Walmart.  Also, you have probably discovered that rope climbs destroy your shins, so do yourself a favor and grab some 2POOD rope gators.

ALL IN (i.e., CrossFit is now part of your lifestyle, you are fit and loving it):

You know when this happens.  You start scheduling your day around the next WOD and you skip those after-work beers because you have to do your best the next morning.  Your probably spending a ton of time watching videos of CrossFit Games athletes doing amazing fitness feats and starting to accomplish some of your own.

Become part of the community: start rocking some Metcons with cool socks, and have a fresh pair of 2POOD WOD shorts for each day.  Each month check out the new designs that are dropping at 2POOD Labs (our special order store where we have limited edition designs) and show up for some smiles and great times at the Box.


Remember that your fitness adventure is a journey and not a destination!  Enjoy it and know that those hard workouts in the winter are just going to make rocking 2POOD shorts at the pool and beach that much more fun!

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