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Pro Tip: How to Fine Tune 2POOD® Belt Sizing

Regardless of what kind of car you drive, or even if you have a car, when you are in the gym or box you want to be more like a Ferrari or Formula-1 supercar than a minivan or boring four-door.  Just like you have to use the best, most-specialized parts for one of these finely tuned beasts, you need your equipment to fit you just right.  This is a quick-tip on how to get an even better fit out of your 2POOD® belt equipped with the WODclamp®.

2POOD® belts are frequently equipped with the WODclamp® on the buckle.  The clamp serves many purposes, first and foremost it gives the lifter a method to achieve an extremely solid hold on a belt for a one-rep effort where security is paramount.  It also helps your velcro last longer because it takes some of the strain of the hold off of the velcro, which by its very nature is a temporarily effective textile.

However, the WODclamp® should not always be used.  For example, if you are in a WOD, we do not recommend taking the time to thread the webbing through the clamp because speed is important and you need to get your belt on and off in a flash.

Further, if you find that your belt is just a shade too big, but not so big that you think you need one size smaller, then here is a pro-tip!  Move the WODclamp® so that it is right next to the roller on the buckle and thread the webbing around the inside of the WODclamp® like it is the roller itself.  That gives the webbing an additional 0.75″ to travel, which means that belt that was just a little too big now fits perfectly.

We commonly hear of a guy who is a size 33/34 waist that is pretty skinny is a little too big for a size Small and a little too small for a size Medium.  Try this trick to use the WODclamp® and you will find that a size Medium is now JUST RIGHT!

Keeping your 2POOD belt clean and fresh

As CrossFit athletes we like to WOD without a shirt or in as minimal clothing as possible.  At the same time we don’t want to sacrifice any performance aspects.  That often leaves us quite sweaty without any textiles to act as a barrier between our skin and the belt.  In the pursuit of forging elite functional fitness, we end up getting sweat, chalk, dust, debris and event sometimes a little blood on our beautiful 2POOD® belts.

Here is a quick guide on how to keep that belt looking (and smelling) fresh and new!


For the body of the belt, which is the main supportive section, we recommend sponging or brush with oxy clean.  Alternatively, hand scrub with a solution of water and powder detergent.  Air dry or blow dry to keep the inside fuzz soft and comfortable.


This is the much more delicate part of the operation.  First and foremost, we recommend using great care to keep the velcro clear of any debris.  Also, using the WODclamp® feature will reduce the wear and tear on the velcro bristles during use.  By removing surface fuzz, picking out embedded lint and performing hook-and-loop fastener maintenance, you can keep your closures clean and working well.

But in the real world, things happen and sometimes the precious velcro gets dirty.  Here is one suggested course of action:

1  Roll the velcro with a lint roller. To remove surface debris, use a lint roller that you’d normally use on your clothes to roll your fastener. Lay the fastener flat, and hold at one end, rolling over it a few times with the lint brush. Refresh to a new sticky “sheet” of the lint roller as necessary.
2  Press your velcro fastener with duct tape. Cut a piece of duct tape no bigger than your palm, so it doesn’t get unwieldy and stick to itself. Lay your fastener flat, and press the tape into the closure to get it to adhere to as much lint as possible. Holding the fastener firmly at one end, strip the tape away to remove the lint.

3  Use a stiff toothbrush to brush the hook-and-loop fastener. Use a stiff, plain toothbrush (preferably just bristles no gum massagers or other plastic parts) to brush trapped lint out of your fastener. Lay the fastener flat, and apply pressure in short, hard strokes with the bristles from one end of the fastener to the other.  Alternatively, A fine-toothed metal comb to rake through the stiff hook side of the Velcro. I used a dog grooming tool called a Furminator. Or a flea comb with metal teeth works well also. Just rake in one direction and then the other. This will make an awful sound, as if you are tearing up the Velcro … don’t worry, it’s fine. Then rake the soft loop side (not much sticks in there).

4  Scrape the velcro fastener with the cutter of a tape dispenser. Use the edge of the tape dispenser that your normally use to cut the tape to scrape your fastener clean. Lay your fastener flat, and use the teeth of the tape dispenser to rake it in short firm strokes from one end to the other.


Spray your velcro fastener with anti-static spray after washing. Anti-static spray, such as Static Guard, can make your fastener attract less lint. Lightly spray your fastener after cleaning.

Always make sure the velcro is completely dry before any use!
CONCLUSION:  Although we all sometimes abuse our belts, whether throwing on the ground during a metcon or even tossing it in the air after a PR celebration, it is important to frequently inspect your belt at each use and also to properly maintain it.  Also, these belts are not intended for a lifetime of use.  Just like you need new shoes periodically, we recommend refreshing your belt every 9-12 months to get the best performance and support and also to take advantage of the latest materials and designs.

2POOD for Beginners

So, you’ve been at CrossFit a few months, are starting to see some real gains and are thinking you want more…  Congrats on a great decision first and foremost.  The “CrossFit lifestyle” is the beginning of a change to be healthier, more physically impressive, more mentally tough and hopefully a ton of fun challenges ahead.

Then occurs to you, the badasses in my box aren’t wearing the same clothes or using the same gear as the stuff I bought from the local sporting goods shop or Walmart.  They all seem to be wearing some brand that you have never heard of and it looks a little different.  Well, they are totally shredding the WODs, aren’t carrying around 2 lbs of sweat with them and look cooler than the guys that look like they stepped out of high school gym class – so maybe its time to get with the program and start to really be part of the community.

That’s where 2POOD comes in – and the reason 2POOD was created.  Everything about CrossFit is unique.  The WODs, the terminology, the nutrition, the dedication and the results … and naturally the gear designed by the OGs of the CrossFit community is no exception.  2POOD was created at a time when there was no dedicated gym products to serve CrossFitters.

After googling around and finding, if the first thing you’re thinking is “What does 2POOD mean” then perhaps you are not quite ready to make the plunge.  Its kind of like showing up for your first day of golf with the same gear the PGA pros use and then shooting a 135 on the front nine.  If you have never hear of a 2POOD kettlebell, then that probably means you have never swung one.  Not that it is a prerequesite, but it would be a better idea not to show up completely geared up until you are ready to be all in.  When you are ready, we will be here with arms wide open to get you dressed for success.

But for those of you that have seen the top CrossFit Games athletes wearing 2POOD gear in competition, starting with Rich Froning in 2010 Prebok (i.e., before the Games mandated which clothing you had to wear) or on the podiums of every regional event or even on the USAW or Olympic platforms with that distinctive weightlifting belt that some of the world’s strongest people wear – let’s get started on the basics:

2POOD is world renound for three things: WOD Shorts, Lifting belts and that 2POOD style swagger.  In fact, 2POOD was pretty much the first guys ever in the dedicated WOD Short space, and since we invented the genre, then its safe to say that 8+ years of designing and perfecting has led to a very functional product.  The belts line started in development in 2012 and has become so rock solid that in 2017, the USA Weightlifting Team adopted 2POOD as its official lifting belt… and make no mistake, an Olympic team does not adopt a product unless it is superior.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 5.53.38 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-02 at 5.58.58 PMOn the style side we take camoflauge to the next level, our patterns are art-work and we love fun designs that are going to bring a positive vibe to those that wear it.  Design is serious business at 2POOD and we spend enormous time designing and put out more products in one month than almost anyone else does in an entire year.

The shorts come in several models, each with a specific set of attributes.  Here is a cliff’s notes version to find what is right for you:

Lifestyles Series Shorts – meant to be as good as an elite pair of Lululemon shorts with no expense spared, appropriate for wearing to the gym and wearing in a casual setting (yes, these are classy enough to wear out for style).  These tend to be the most plain of our designs.

v.3.0 Series Shorts – these are the classic WOD short.  Very spacious and very functional.  Often featured in bold designs.
v.3.5 Series Shorts – the newest model in our line, these are shorter than the others described here but have plenty of leg room.
v.4.0 Series Shorts – modern European cut, these look and feel sleek and hug the body just right.
Joggers – its like a futuristic sweatpant, sleek, snug fitting but are so comfortable you will want to wear them to the gym and everywhere else.

– pretty much the only decision you have to make here, other than what colorway makes you happiest, is straight (4″ USAW compliant) belt, which is great for oly lifting; or metcon training belt (tapered back), which is great for wearing during the WOD.  The name of the game with belts is core compression with an added side effect of back support.  Our belts have been tested and abused in the harshest conditions for maximum durability while still retaining the lightweight – easy on-off – that our athletes demand.So there you pretty much have it.  2POOD is not for everyone, but it might just be for you.  Give us a look at and and thanks for visiting!

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When a belt is not just a belt

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.22.17 PM
“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a …”

Not so fast my friends. 

While out on the road at a CrossFit® Games regional or USAW event, we sometimes get asked “aren’t all belts the same” or “what makes your belt so special.”  Our answer usually lasts as long as the person is willing to stand there and listen, but here is a condensed version:

(1)  It’s the official lifting belt of USA Weightlifting.  An endorsement by the United States top olympic weightlifting authority does not come easily.  As you would expect, just about every company with a lifting belt would love to have this type of endorsement, but they only gave it out to one company … that’s right, yours truly!

(2)  It’s the belt chosen by some of the world’s top lifters.  So, okay, the belt has a nice pedigree.  Well, put yourself into the shoes of athletes competing on the world stage to qualify for Olympic Games.  They care about one thing … PERFORMANCE.  Recently C.J. Cummings, that guy you have seen crushing lifts on YouTube and every social media platform, recently hit a WORLD-RECORD 407# Clean & Jerk in the 2POOD belt and won 1st place at the World Championships.  Add to that another podium winner at the same event wore the 2POOD belt and one of the hardest lifting ladies in the sport, Mattie Rogers, exclusively LIFTS2POOD.  I’m guessing these guys have lifted in many different belts during their careers, but when it matters most, these guys are putting on a 2POOD belt!    Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.23.20 PM

(3)  The belt worn by elite CrossFit® athletes for the over four years.  If we listed every fire breathing regionals and Games-level athlete that relies on the 2POOD belt for their training needs, you would need to hit page down about five times before reaching the witty conclusion to this article so I will just name a few: Sam Dancer, Nick Urankar, Sam Briggs, Lindsay Valenzuela, Nathan Bramblett, EZ Muhammad, Marcus Filly … (should we keep going?) … okay you already see them everyday on our IG account, but suffice it to say that if these guys/gals are wearing our belt, and giving us continuous feedback about how to make it the most rock solid item on the market.  That’s a lot of lessons learned, which equals design improvements.  We listen to our athletes and our customers, and most of all, we train in the belt everyday so that we can deliver the best.  Here’s a concrete example, this feedback led to us adding the WODclamp® feature!

(4) 2POOD style is the coolest.  We think through every design and create things that most people haven’t even dreamt of yet.  We do sharp, badass and sometimes even a little loud but we don’t do boring!  From camo to flags to geometry to floral to motivational phrases, we create thoughtful, stunning designs that are supposed to look as awesome as they perform.  When you drop the bar after a PR and look down at your belt, you can take pride that you are wearing something that reflects the community and is as much of a unicorn as you are.

(5) 2POOD has your back.  2POOD is a small business.  We genuinely love the CrossFit® and USAW communities and we have an obsession for badassery.  That means we want to make the coolest looking, best performing, feature-packed, most elite belts that you can get your hands on at a price that is reasonable so that when you step into the box, arena or the platform you will have the mental and physical edge that will help you do your best.  Further, we stand behind our items and will support you down the road if and when you need us.  We have been around since 2009, and one of the oldest brands in the CrossFit® community for a good reason.


So, I guess the short answer to “When is a belt not just a belt …” is “WHEN ITS A 2POOD BELT”!  #LIFT2POOD

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